Toddler Daily Routine

                                        (Morning Sessions)

8:00 –   9:15am      Nursery opens, Welcome and communication with parents, Breakfast then free play

9:15 –  10:00am     Focus Activities

10:00 – 10:30am    Snack

10:30 - 11:00am     Physical Play (indoor/outdoor) / walk

11:00 -  11:30am    Carpet/Circle time

11:30 -  11:45am    Tidy and Toileting

11:45 – 12:30pm     Lunch

12:30  -  1:00pm    Story time / Quiet time

(Afternoon session)

1:00 -  1:30pm        Free play, Table Top Activities

1:30 -  2:30pm       Focus Activities

2:30 -  3:00pm      Snack

3:00 -  3:40pm      Physical Play (indoors/outdoors) / walk

3:40 -  4:00pm      Carpet time/Circle time

4:00 -  4:30pm      Tea Time

4:30 -  5:30pm      Evening playtime, free play, table top activities

5:30 -  6:00pm      Story / Quiet Time

6:00pm                 Nursery Closes.

This routine will be modified according to the children’s needs.

Naps, snacks and lunch will be adjusted according to each infant’s routine.

This routine will be reviewed every six months but the Focus Activities will change weekly.

Toddler room (2-3 years) and Pre Schoolers (3+)

The Toddler and Pre Schoolers room can accommodate 12 toddlers with the staffing ratio being 1 adult to 4 children increasing to 1 adult to 8 children aged three years and over, this ratio is always met and often exceeded. There is a play area, a home corner, craft and drawing area, quiet area with book corner and a separate pre-school area with a writing station and computer station and more advanced resources to help prepare them for the move to school.

We follow the ‘Foundation Phase Framework’ in both groups which provides us with the guidance to extend a child’s learning covering all areas of their development.The seven areas of learning are:

*    Communication, language and literacy

 *    Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy

*    Personal, emotional and social development

*    Knowledge and understanding of the world

*    Welsh language development

*    Physical development

*    Creative development

Here at Once Upon A Time we encourage children to engage in all types of play:

free play, imaginative play, structured play, role play, group play, creative play, social play and quiet play.

Craft and Drawing Area
Toddler Room Reading and TV Area

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