Welcome pack and forms  +

All forms can be downloaded here or obtained from the office.
Before joining Once Upon A Time Day Nursery we ask all parents to read our
welcome pack  and complete the registration form.

By your child’s first visit we will need a completed
care sheet, consent form, immunisation form and parent’s contract.
We have also provided, incase you need them, a medication consent form, a suggestions form,
and although we hope you will never need one, there is also a complaints form.  
Before joining Once Upon A Time Day Nursery we ask all parents to read our policies which show you how we run our nursery. All policies are available to download or are also on display in our main hallway.

Welcome Pack

welcome pack.pdf

Registration Form

Registration Form.pdf

Care Sheet

care Sheet.pdf

Parent’s Consent Form

Consent Form.pdf

Immunisation Form

Immunisation Form.pdf

Parent’s Contract

Parents Contract.pdf

Suggestions Form

Suggestions Form.pdf

Medications Consent Form

Medication Consent Form.pdf

Complaints Form

Complaint Form.pdf

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inspection report

cssiw report 2013.pdf

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inspection report

cssiw report 2014.pdf

Statement of Purpose

statement of purpose 2018.pdf

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inspection report

cssiw report 2015.pdf

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inspection report

cssiw report 2012.pdf

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inspection report

Once Upon a Time Day Nursery 2017 - Inspection Report.pdf
1 - Getting Started

Admissions   Policy

admissions policy.pdf

Partnership with Parents Policy

Partnership with Parents Policy.pdf

Settling in Policy

settling in policy.pdf

Confidentiality  Policy

Confidentiality Policy.pdf
3 - Children’s Needs

Equality & Diversity  Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy.pdf

Additional Needs  Policy

Additional Needs Policy.pdf

Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Policy.pdf

Language and Communication  Policy

Language and communication Policy.pdf

Transition  Policy

transition Policy.pdf

Play Policy

Play policy.pdf
2 - Children’s Wellbeing

Child Protection  Safeguarding Policy

Child Protection Safeguarding Policy.pdf

Lost Child Policy

Lost Child Policy.pdf

Sickness and Illness Policy

sickness and illnesspolicy.pdf

First Aid and Medicine Policy

First Aid and Medicine Policy.pdf

Food Policy

Food policy.pdf

Sleep Policy

Sleep Policy.pdf

Intimate Care Policy

Intimate Care Policy.pdf

Outdoor Play  Policy

Outdoor Play Policy.pdf

Sun Care Policy

Sun Care Policy.pdf

No Smoking Policy

No smoking Policy.pdf

Drug and Alcohol  Policy

Drug and alcohol policy.pdf
4 - Staff and Students

Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy.pdf

Health and Welfare of Staff  Policy

health and welfare of staff.pdf

Student Placement Policy

Student Placement Policy.pdf
5 - Health and Safety

Health and Safety  Policy

Health and safety policy.pdf

Internet and eosafety Policy

Internet and e safety policy.pdf

Outings Policy

Outings Policy.pdf

Preventing Radicalisation Policy

Preventing radicalisation Policy.pdf

Whistle Blowing Policy

Whistle blowing Policy.pdf

Fire Safety Policy

Fire Safety Policy.pdf

Emergency Closure Policy

Emergency Closure Policy.pdf

Uncollected Child  Policy

Uncollected Child Policy.pdf

Staff Checks Policy

Confidentiality Policy.pdf

Stress in the Workplace Policy

Confidentiality Policy.pdf

Anti-Bullying  Policy

Confidentiality Policy.pdf

Working with Touch  Policy

Working with Touch.pdf