Aims of the nursery

At Once Upon A Time Day Nursery our mission is to create a nursery where children are perceived and valued as individuals and their achievements are encouraged and celebrated.

We want to provide you and your child with first class child care in an environment which is safe and secure as well as being happy, healthy and stimulating.

At Once Upon A Time Day Nursery we create an environment where children are encouraged to develop their individuality and creativity while helping to encourage their self confidence and self worth.

We can offer up to three settling in sessions to help children adjust, engaging them in activities. If necessary a parent could remain for a short while to calm the child and help them to feel secure. When children are away from their main carer it is important that they feel secure and happy and we aim to provide a safe and relaxed atmosphere where the children can feel they belong.

Once Upon A Time Day Nursery has chosen to keep the number of children at the nursery limited, with a maximum of 32 children, as we feel that the children will have more opportunity to form close knit relationships with the staff and other children attending the nursery. Every child in our care will feel secure, valued and listened to and will be encouraged to develop the confidence and independence to experiment and investigate. We have a wide range of appropriate learning materials and stimulating toys with planned activities throughout the day both inside and outside.

Children are provided with a varied and healthy diet, fresh air and exercise, rest and play, which all help to contribute to their development, physically, emotionally and educationally. Surrounded by their peers they can develop at their own pace through the activities, learning new skills and fully supported by our staff.

We aim to:

Once Upon A Time Day Nursery believes that learning can be and should be, a thoroughly enjoyable experience

Play in a secure environment with effective adult support allows the children to explore, investigate and enjoy the learning experience. We help them to practice and develop ideas, concepts and skills in a unique and non-threatening way, without fear of failure.

We deliver the early year's curriculum in a number of ways, through:

We work with the parents to give the best individual care to the children and help prepare them for the next stage in their lives.